Agency News: Department of Homeland Security

Customs and Border Protection not taking privacy seriously, audit says

Customs and Border Protection collects millions of pieces of information on travelers each year, but has only a part-time privacy officer.

DHS agencies starting to integrate missions, CIO says

The Homeland Security Department has identified 13 core missions offering opportunities for integration across agencies, according to CIO Richard Spires.

Border Patrol relies on data analysis in new strategic plan

The Border Patrol describes a "whole-of-government" approach, reduces need for fences and agents.

DHS budget gets 1.2 percent cut under House GOP committee plan

The Homeland Security Department escaped major spending cuts under a budget package presented by the GOP-run House Appropriations Committee.

On the front lines: How agencies recruit young feds

Despite popular belief, public perception of the government workforce and pervasive anti-government rhetoric hasn't put a damper on young people's desire to become public servants.

Technology plays smaller role in new border patrol strategy

The Border Patrol, following the failure of SBINet, reduces its reliance on technology in new strategy.

DHS virtualization project could lead to mobility strategy

The Homeland Security Department is trying out a virtual desktop strategy, and if it successful it could form the basis for mobility as well.

Choosing a mobile development strategy for your agency

Here are some of the pros and cons of native vs. Web-based apps.

DOD to expand public-private cybersecurity project

The Defense Department is set to broaden a pilot program from 37 participants to 200, according to the DOD CIO.

CIO Richard Spires: Replacing commodity IT is a bigger task than it seems

Moving from commodity IT to service-based cloud models encompasses much more than e-mail, DHS CIO says.

FedRAMP comes fraught with challenges

Agency CIOs acknowledge cloud fears, but look to FedRAMP to alleviate some of the concerns. However, FedRAMP poses some difficulties of its own.

OMB ups the ante on improper payments

Agencies are asked to plan ahead to implement "Do Not Pay" tool into existing operations.

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