Agency News: Department of Homeland Security

Homeland Security priorities: Low-risk travel

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said smoothing the way for low-risk travel and trade will get attention in 2012.

FBI seeking tools to find threat info in Facebook, Twitter posts

Emerging threats sometimes hide in social media messages, FBI believes.

Energy Department to establish new cyber center

Energy Department CIO highlights importance of partnerships in fighting cyber threats.

Justice officials defend wireless network program

IG report criticizes network effort, department officials take issue.

Justice wireless network struggling, IG says

The Justice Department's ambitious plan to replace Land Mobile Radios with modern systems has gotten stalled, leaving agents still using the old equipment.

DHS takes key role in DOD cybersecurity program

DHS' new role marks a milestone for the data-sharing effort as it grows past pilot-program status.

Deepwater acquisition sinks, but not without lessons

The Coast Guard has terminated its controversial Deepwater ship and boat replacement program after a decade.

US power grid gets better cyber defenses thanks to new initiative

A new initiative between government and private sector aims to boost cybersecurity for the power grid and keep hackers at bay.

DHS guidance to state and local fusion centers going unused

Like the case of the dog that ate the homework, guidance sent to dozens of state and local fusion and emergency op centers has gone unusued and, in some cases, disappeared, audit finds.

Beyond Deepwater: What the Coast Guard learned.

A difficult program could become a platform for better choices next time, with lessons that other agencies can also use.

Coast Guard to end Deepwater program

The Coast Guard's decade-old Deepwater acquisition program is over, but the difficult experience taught important lessons, officials say.

Border Protection Commissioner resigns

Customs and Border Protection Commission Alan Bersin, never confirmed by the Senate, is resiging Dec. 30.

The Fed 100

Save the date for 28th annual Federal 100 Awards Gala.

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