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Army general accused of wasteful spending in IG probe

First GSA, then the VA, now an Army officer allegedly involved in frivolous spending. Who's next?

Army adds requirements to logistics system

The Global Combat Support System will give the Army better insights into managing its supplies.

DOD's new policy 'likes' social media, but with caveats

DOD is in a race against technology to maintain authority and security amid the explosion of social media.

Review finds flaws with DISA's auditors

Who watches the watchers? At DISA, the IG's office may itself be in need of some oversight.

How a few words could change small-business set-aside picture

The Obama administration is trying to change some wording in the acquisition rules make it easier to set aside R&D solicitations.

Augmented reality: Where the real and virtual worlds meet

Agencies have quietly been adding augmented reality to their bag of tech tricks for years.

Will less federal spending really mean fewer jobs?

Conventional wisdom holds that federal budget cuts lead to less spending on contracts and, therefore, to job declines. Is that really true?

Proposed law to shed sunlight on DOD budget

The DOD hasn't been able to conduct a successful audit, but a new bill would turn up the heat.

Sequestration hearing unravels into partisan 'food fight'

As a hearing intended to help prepare for the effects of sequestration degenerates into a partisan shouting match, one embarrassed congressman calls the event a 'spectacle.'

10 ways to make agile development work for you

GAO has identified 32 best practices for agencies to implement and manage agile software development. We showcase 10 of the best and point you to the rest.

Pentagon sets cybersecurity sights on social media

DARPA is looking for new tools to track social media interaction.

US not ready for cyberattack, NSA director warns

Legislation, partnership with industry are critical to bolster underpowered U.S. cyber defenses, according to the Cyber Command's chief.

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