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DOD balances security, cost and ease in mobility plan

DOD's new mobile strategy intended to 'keep DOD workforce relevant' through a comprehensive approach to the technologies.

Senators back off call for automatic contractor suspensions

Proposals to require agencies to automatically suspend companies accused of wrongdoing have been softened in latest version of a bill.

DOD’s top brass blast sequestration, emphasize cyber in Senate testimonies

A "cyber Pearl Harbor is a real possibility, defense secretary warns.

Is the military draft system on the chopping block?

The Selective Service System, which would administer a military draft if needed, hasn't been reevaluated in nearly 20 years, according to a GAO report.

How RIM's fortune could affect your BlackBerry

The maker of the popular BlackBerry is on the financial ropes. What does it mean for feds?

Manning back in court for Wikileaks hearings; trial faces delays

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is back in court -- and may be spending even more time there in run-up to the Wikileaks trial.

Can science and technology defeat Colombian drug cartels?

U.S. Southern Command is looking to DOD's science and technology communities to help in counter-narcotics operations in the jungles of South America.

Air Force cancels annual IT conference amid cost concerns

The Air Force's annual IT conference has been shelved for 2012 as event spending comes under tough government scrutiny.

Senate defense bill takes first steps to undo sequestration

Congress is demanding Defense Secretary Leon Panetta furnish a comprehensive report on the potential effects of sequestration, which could take effect Jan. 2, 2013.

Senate committee encourages reverse auctions

The committee says reverse auctions stimulate “aggressive competition” among vendors and lead to lower prices.

DOD business modernization efforts continue to fall short

The Defense department is still struggling to implement GAO recommendations in its efforts to update its business systems.

Can today's virtual soldier protect tomorrow's troops?

A University of Iowa program is using virtual reality to help arm the troops of tomorrow.

The Fed 100

Save the date for 28th annual Federal 100 Awards Gala.

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