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Senate committee encourages reverse auctions

The committee says reverse auctions stimulate “aggressive competition” among vendors and lead to lower prices.

DOD business modernization efforts continue to fall short

The Defense department is still struggling to implement GAO recommendations in its efforts to update its business systems.

Can today's virtual soldier protect tomorrow's troops?

A University of Iowa program is using virtual reality to help arm the troops of tomorrow.

DOD needs new tech for Asia, Panetta says

As the U.S. military shifts its focus to the Asia-Pacific region, it will need to develop new technologies, its leader says.

Not an app for that? One moment.

The Army's training program in app writing has proven successful.

IG finds holes in Army financial data system

Army managers did not reengineer their Logistics Modernization Program system to perform Procure-to-Pay functions correctly, leaving the program open to fraud and poor bookkeeping.

Can strategy help DOD sidestep budget cut effects?

As defense officials try to figure out where to trim costs, the White House offers some advice: Avoid a last-in, first-out approach.

Military told to be cautious on commercial social media sites

Reported new policy comes after a recent hack showed the potential vulnerabilities in sites with user-generated content.

Army to pay $500M for Future Combat Systems termination

A dozen years after Future Combat Systems was born and three years after it was canceled, the program still bears a hefty price tag.

DOD, Navy developing pirate-fighting apps

A new DOD-funded research project is targeting sea piracy with web-based apps.

Senate version of defense bill tackles cyber workforce, procurement

The Senate's defense bill is $3 billion more than the president's request and doesn't account for the budget cuts of sequestration.

170,000 military dating-site users exposed, hackers say

An affiliate of the LulzSec hacker group is claiming it obtained and published personally-identifiable information for 170,000 military personnel.

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