Agency News: GSA

GSA formally announces Davie as acting FAS commissioner

Davie brings 20 years of GSA experience to the post as Commissioner Steve Kempf begins medical leave.

GSA admits demand-based model no 'silver bullet'

GSA is instituting the Demand Based Model to align its resources with areas of greatest need, but admits it isn't a full solution for the Schedules program.

GSA's Kempf to take medical leave

FAS Commissioner is expected to be gone for two months.

GSA looks to a future of everything as a service

GSA is interested in moving everything it can to a service model.

GSA spends $270k for music, food and picture frames at awards ceremony

GSA's event spending has once again put the agency in Congressional crosshairs -- this time over a $270,000 award ceremony, complete with a violinist and 4,000 elaborate picture frames. This time, however, the agency's leadership may be ahead of the lawmakers.

NASA scores high on innovation

Feds are gung-ho about innovation, but managers are still on the fence.

GSA's 5 steps to directing customer traffic

GSA officials are building a more flexible Multiple Award Schedules program by directing suppliers to those schedules customers use most often.

Assessing Networx at midlife: Are we there yet?

The transition to the Networx contract, which GSA awarded in 2007, has turned out to be an arduous process marked by slow progress and uncertainty. Will the government finish before the next contract is awarded?

A month into FedRAMP, GSA marks progress

A month into FedRAMP's launch, challenges have been overcome and progress has been made, one GSA official said.

GSA considers cloud brokerage

As cloud computing continues to challenge traditional procurement processes, GSA is on the lookout for new ideas.

GSA's acting administrator is no mere placeholder

Dan Tangherlini is taking some bold steps at GSA, pushing to improve the agency with tougher oversight and an eye on every penny spent. Does his temporary status jeopardize his chances of making a lasting change?

GSA hopes OASIS dries up duplication

Some changes to contracting could save the government a substantial amount of money -- if GSA is right about the potential of a planned new set of contracts called OASIS.

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