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Big data: How much is enough?

Everybody's talking about big data, but is it possible to have too much of a good thing? GSA's acting administrator thinks it might just be.

Tangherlini freezes hiring, cancels most bonuses

GSA's new leader is continuing his review of the agency's operations, and says a new ban on bonuses and awards is intended to keep the agency consistent with his goals.

Digital center opens, part of Obama's digital strategy

The Obama administration has launched a center intended to help foster a more mobile-friendly, customer-centric government, with a new leader at the helm.

Steve Kelman

Was the GSA scandal really scandalous?

Columnist Steve Kelman wonders whether agencies might be justified in spending money on lavish conferences.

7 challenges to 'cloud first'

Agencies are well on their way to the cloud but better planning is needed to fully realize the cloud-first policy.

GSA offers 1,000 workers early buyouts

Second round of buyouts went to more than 1,000 workers, most of which are in the agency's headquarters.

GSA boosts FedRAMP accreditation as small-business advantage

Getting FedRAMP certified could help small businesses break into the federal cloud market, GSA says.

Digital strategy launches great mobility build-out

The government's new digital strategy has ambitious plans for managing the rollout of mobile technology -- some say too ambitious.

GSA IG gets $10M budget bump to watch travel, conference costs

The House Appropriations Committee has commended the IG with a $68 million budget for the coming year.

Can new mobile government plans overcome old problems?

Federal agencies are rolling out a host of mobile strategies, but will it be enough to overcome decades-old challenges?

Emerging tech will power future of government IT in lean times

Cloud and mobility are becoming increasingly important in helping government CIOs meet mission needs, GSA technology leader says.

GSA job security could increase with schedules revisions

Terminating contracts might seem like a job killer, but some experts predict the opposite effect.

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