Agency News: GSA

GSA CFO takes on new detail

GSA brings over Treasury official to be acting chief financial officer.

Is GSA stuck with proprietary numbering system?

Dun & Bradstreet provides unique identifiers used to designate businesses in contract coding, and GSA would like more freedom than it now has.

How RIM's fortune could affect your BlackBerry

The maker of the popular BlackBerry is on the financial ropes. What does it mean for feds?

GSA helps feds walk the straight and narrow

At the GSA Expo in San Antonio, officials handed out the two-page document that reminds federal employees of the rules.

GSA takes closer look at IT portfolio

Following the release of the Digital Government Strategy, GSA CIO Casey Coleman says her agency will looks to review its IT portfolio as part of the federal IT reform.

Tougher GSA oversight part of new legislation

The General Services Administration could come under tighter restrictions if new legislation passes, based on recent revelations about its spending habits.

Issa probes telework travel reimbursements

GSA teleworkers billed $750,000 in travel expenses, raising questions in Congress.

FedRAMP takes applications for service providers

Officials require cloud service providers to get their systems tested before selling them to the government.

GSA's new electronic travel system to improve on predecessor

The new E-Gov Travel Service adds reporting capabilities, data analysis.

GSA tries to solve contract review problems

Auditors found that GSA had no strategy to determine the appropriate number of awards to issue on a blanket purchase agreement, promping action from the agency.

IG probes apparently not enough to prevent bonuses at GSA

A senator takes her probe of employee bonuses governmentwide after learning that GSA paid more than $1 million to employees under investigation.

Contract audits may save millions for GSA, IG says

GSA's Inspector General has conducted pre-award audits on dozens of contracts and identified potential savings in the hundreds of millions.

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