Agency News: GSA

Report: Poor management may be hurting GSA's customers

Some GSA customer agencies may not be getting the best service in the Pacific Rim Region because the region is struggling with inventories and training, according to a new report.

Anne Armstrong

Limiting conference attendance fixes the wrong problem

Legislation that would restrict conferences is already having a chilling effect on government/industry communications, write FCW's Anne Armstrong.

Jeff Neely is no longer with GSA

The infamous Western Regions Conference brings down another senior GSA official.

Gwynne Kostin to lead new innovation center in digital strategy

Gwynne Kostin will take on a key role in the new innovation center created under Federal CIO Steve VanRoekel's digital strategy.

GSA to roll out mobile purchasing agreement as part of shared services efforts

Will a wide-scale strategy for buying smart phones help the government become more collaborative and efficient?

GSA goes big with big data provides data sets and tools.

Senators turn to GSA's regional offices for answers on spending abuses

After questioning headquarters officials in Washington, senators are taking their inquiries directly to the regions.

GSA's IG probes aren't over yet

A Senate panel has provided a list of targets for future investigations into GSA's operations, and requested updates on the IG office's progress.

GSA unveils list of FedRAMP third-party assessment organizations

The certified 3PAOS will evaluate contractors that provide cloud services and products to the federal government.

Congressman defends call to dismantle GSA

Rep. Jeff Denham's suggestion that GSA should be shut down energized the agency's defenders.

GSA postpones conference as part of 'top to bottom review'

GSA officials seek new ways to deliver information without travel, hotels.

Issa to IGs: Don't leave Congress in the dark

Oversight committee chairman shares his new interpretation of the law on inspectors general reporting to Congress.

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