Agency News: GSA

GSA tool lets people verify genuine federal social media accounts

The General Services Administration's Social Media Registry is designed to allow agencies to manage their social media accounts while validating them for users worried that they might be fake.

Rep. Jeff Denham: 'Abolish GSA altogether'

The chairman of an oversight subcommittee argues that other agencies or the private sector might be able to do GSA's job better.

House tightens controls on conference spending

The DATA Act digs deep into agencies’ conference spending with quarterly reports.

What happened in Vegas cost Johnson her job

Media reaction to Martha Johnson's departure from GSA ranged from savage to irreverent.

GSA's Oracle cancellation still a mystery

When parties can’t agree on aspects of a contract, experts say call it a day.

GSA kills Oracle contract

GSA cancels Oracle's Schedule 70 contract for IT services, but offers few details on why.

More senators take aim at conference spending

Several senators are advocating for reforms to agencies' annual spending on conferences, including proving that the conference advanced the ageny's mission.

Senator wants approvals for conference spending

Under a forthcoming bill, a senior agency official would have to give approval for any conference costing more than $200,000.

GSA takes budget control from regions

GSA's regions no longer have authority over their budgets, part of the battered agency's effort to recover from its recent scandal.

Meet the evangelists of interacting in gov 2.0 style

In an emerging 2.0 government, two officials at GSA took a chance on a new way to get government and industry to interact.

Issa scolds IG about slow reporting

Issa's oversight committee regularly receives updates from IGs, but not from GSA IG Miller regarding his investigation of the lavish Western Regions Conference.

Former GSA leader regrets scandal that 'besmirched' agency's good name

Martha Johnson, who stepped down as GSA head when a report revealed spending abuses at an agency conference, expressed her regrets to a House panel, while another official implicated in the affair invoked his fifth amendment rights.

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