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GAO: Electronic waste guidance needs teeth

GSA guidelines don't carry the force of mandates, and GAO believes that the rules for electronic waste disposal needs the backing of an agency with enforcement powers.

FISMA standards will calm cloud fears, McClure believes

The Federal Information Security Management Act will help agencies move more sensitive data to the cloud, but not until they're comfortable with the processes.

Government IT success hinges on evolution, GSA leaders say

IT leaders are under new pressure to innovate, show the results of their work.

Cloud conversation shifting to new concerns

Agencies have come a long way on their journey to implement cloud services, but they're still focusing on the low-hanging fruit.

GSA set to review struggling acquisition systems project

GSA has assembled a team to delve into problems with an effort to modernize and consolidate its universe of acquistion systems.

IRMCO's 50-year run is at an end

The venerable federal conference has outlived its usefulness, its organizers say, and the time has come for something new.

Telework: The key is being connected, not being watched

GSA Administrator Martha Johnson says that connectivity and collaboration are better measures of work than direct oversight.

Katherine Spivey

The secret to good communication, plain and simple

GSA's Katherine Spivey makes a strong case for improving how agencies communicate with the public.

Federal agency push to reduce regulation results in savings

Federal agencies have found savings and reduced burdens by revising regulations, but not always to taxpayers' benefit.

GSA: Reuse, recycle electronics, and avoid landfills

Federal agencies are banned from disposing of electronics in landfills or incinerators under new policy.

GSA holds too much fee money, GAO says

GSA’s Schedules program averaged an excess of $62.2 million in revenue over program costs, before contributions to reserves, each fiscal year.

GSA using StumbleUpon to bring visitors to federal websites

The General Services Administration recently established a channel on the StumbleUpon Web service network with the goal of generating more traffic to federal websites.

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