Agency News: Health and Human Services

AHRQ requests research on improving patient health

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality wants proposals for its new research program to identify the best treatments for patients.

CDC goes viral through social media

Janice Nall, CDC's director of the Division of eHealth Marketing, offers some advice to agencies looking to engage citizens.

FDA launches 40 online performance management dashboards

The Food and Drug Administration has started its online performance management system that tracks agency performance measures on 40 Web-based dashboards.

HHS emphasizes dashboards, new datasets in transparency plan

The Health and Human Services Department is launching two new performance management dashboards and releasing new Medicare patient data as part of its transparency effort.

Broadband plan lays groundwork for health IT growth

FCC recommends ways HHS and Congress could facilitate broadband access for health IT.

NIH prepares to fight for contract authority

NIH plans to meet with OFPP about its GWAC authority, but NIH's acquisition director expresses confidence that it will keep its governmentwide contract.

Health IT data security crude in some companies, says CMS CIO

Julie Boughn, the chief information officer for Medicare and Medicaid, says companies that want to work with her agency often display amateurish data security.

AHRQ publishes data formats for some electronic reporting

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has released its updated version of common data formats to enable electronic reporting of patient safety data.

HHS panel advises on data glitches that affect patient safety

An HHS advisory workgroup today proposed best practices for dealing with patient safety problems related to electronic health record systems.

AHRQ shortens and refocuses online podcasts

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recently shortened its podcasts and targeted them to consumers, an official said.

HHS panel considers central authority for health IT vocabulary

A central authority may be needed to oversee common vocabulary terms for health data exchange and electronic health records.

Audit reveals FDA not using performance data in management decisions

The Food and Drug Administration is not utilizing performance information effectively to help improve its management, according to the Government Accountability Management Office.

Who are the Rising Stars?

Nominations for the 2016 Rising Star awards are now being accepted.

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