Agency News: NASA

OPM helps NASA's aerospace workers find jobs

OPM wants agency recruitment efforts to extend to the 6,000 NASA workers who need to find a new job with the end of the 30-year space shuttle program.

Chris Kemp to quit NASA's CTO job

Chris Kemp says he's leaving NASA to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams; expresses mixed feelings about the departure.

Open source: Not rocket science

NASA is set to host an open-source summit to discuss the challenges, policies and governance of the open-source community in relation to the space agency.

6 government blogs worth visiting as often as you can

We point you to some of the best government blogs.

How to grow young feds at your agency

Given all the pressures on the federal workforce, agencies will soon have to do more to keep younger employees on board.

Agencies can conduct background checks on contract employees, court rules

The Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that the federal government is authorized to perform background checks of people who work under government contracts.

Federal agencies ranked from feeble to gifted in digital competence

Researchers analyzed federal websites and found some exceptional, some awful and many in-between. A new study explains what makes the difference.

NASA picks deputy CIO for IT security

Valerie Burkes, former Associate CIO for Cyber and Privacy Policy and Oversight at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was named by NASA CIO Linda Cureton as Deputy CIO for IT Security at NASA.

WikiLeaks spurs NASA to emphasize information protection

NASA issued an internal memo to employees on Friday reminding them about the safe handling of confidential information in response to the WikiLeaks "cablegate" scandal.

The Fed 100

Save the date for 28th annual Federal 100 Awards Gala.

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