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White House wants 'disruptive' shift in IT strategy, Kundra says

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra pushes for a major change in federal IT strategy away from asset ownership and toward buying IT services.

VA CIO says department has $700M carryover money for IT

The Veterans Affairs Department's IT budget is facing cuts in fiscal 2012, but there is $700 million in leftover funds from previous years, says CIO Roger Baker.

IT management is key to security, CIO says

Government IT security lags behind the private sector because of a lack of centralized budget operational authority, VA’s Roger Baker said.

DOD, VA prepare recommendation on joint EHR for late March, official says

The Defense and Veterans Affairs departments have been working on a joint strategy for using electronic health records.

VA asks for 11 percent more but IT budget doesn't change

The Veterans Affairs Department is requesting a 10.6 percent increase overall and a flat budget for its IT programs.

How to grow young feds at your agency

Given all the pressures on the federal workforce, agencies will soon have to do more to keep younger employees on board.

VA's blog grapples with possible suicide notes

The VA Vantage Point blog has seen a recent pattern of distressing comments that could be suicide notes posted by veterans.

VA sets off flurry of talk over weather delays on Facebook page

The Veterans Affair Department wanted interaction on Facebook -- and it got it -- when it started a discussion about delaying payments to veterans.

DOD, VA not working well together on digital medical records, GAO says

The Defense and Veterans Affairs departments aren't working effectively together on a strategy for joint digital medical records, a new report says.

VA doctors' foray into cloud causes potential breach

The Veterans Affairs Department is notifying 878 patients that their personal medical data might have been breached as a result of VA physicians using a cloud calendar.

The VA's CIO wants IT budget restoration

Veterans Affairs Department CIO Roger Baker said his department saved $250 million through management discipline of IT projects in fiscal 2010.

Senate panel would cut VA's IT budget

The Veterans Affairs Department wanted a flat IT budget for fiscal 2011, and now it is getting a slight cut in that budget.

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