Agency News: Veterans Affairs

VA gears up for buy of up to 100,000 tablet computers

The Veterans Affairs Department has concluded that a mobile device management solution will overcome any security hurdles.

VA official outlines 'ruthless' reductions in IT budget cut plan

Printers, desktop computers, mobile devices on the chopping block.

Gaurav Mathur

Gaurav Mathur: Engineering a better solution for vets

Mathur supported the implementation of the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record, a joint initiative by the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments aimed at improving the health care of veterans.

Leonard DAvolio

Leonard D'Avolio: Putting health data to work for veterans

D'Avolio oversaw the development and deployment of a system for managing data on 1 million veterans enrolled in a health research program.

VA errors compromise identity verification credentials

The VA has issued more than 157,000 personal identity verification credentials with poor controls in place, throwing the validity of every credential into doubt, IG says.

VA prepared for new employee mobile devices on Oct. 1

The Veterans Affairs Department is prepared for its long-awaited launch of iPhones and iPads on its networks, its CIO said.

Senators hope to help small companies

The Senate wants to toughen penalties for large companies masquerading as small businesses.

Revealed: The best (and worst) agencies for launching a career

Which agency is the best place for a young fed to start?

VA national contracting oversight system inadequate, IG says

The Veterans Affairs Department's inspector general recently audited national contracts and found problems.

VA to try cloud-based collaboration tech for doctors

The Veterans Affairs Department is experimenting with cloud solutions that may eventually be extended to more than 100,000 medical personnel.

VA starts online open source community for VistA

VA's online agent is now operational to oversee an open-source community involved in modernizing its digital record system.

VA's IT project management oversight needs work, IG says

The Veterans Affairs Department's Project Management Accountability System needs more work to be fully effective, according to a new report.

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