Agency News: Veterans Affairs

VA cancels component of Microsoft licensing agreement

VA CIO Roger Baker pulled the plug on a deal in which the agency pays annual fees to get discounted upgrades.

Agencies test user ideas for mobile tech

IT executives at two agencies turned to their employees for ideas of smart uses of mobile technologies.

Forget mobile-device strategy: Here's a better way.

As federal managers struggle to get a handle on mobile devices, speakers at a FOSE panel offer another approach.

Agencies get a boost from agile development

Government and industry execs discuss successful acquisition strategies in wake of shrinking budgets.

VA looking for mobile apps in innovation contest

The Veterans Affairs Department announced a new round of industry competition to develop applications and solutions for the department.

Peter L. Levin

Levin eases the path for veterans' health

As chief technology officer at the Veterans Affairs Department, Peter Levin leads efforts to modernize health records for veterans, create a joint record system with the Defense Department and tackle a backlog of claims related to Agent Orange exposure among Vietnam era veterans.