Agency News: White House

Zients: Why streamlining government makes sense

Senior official at OMB lays out why reorganization authority is "common sense and good management."

President Obama's campaign now on Pinterest

Pinterest is a relative newcomer for agencies considering social media, but the president's campaign is taking advantage of it.

GAO: Electronic waste guidance needs teeth

GSA guidelines don't carry the force of mandates, and GAO believes that the rules for electronic waste disposal needs the backing of an agency with enforcement powers.

OMB: Consolidation power 'crucial' to leaner government

OMB official argues for the importance of giving the president the authority to merge and reorganize agencies.

OMB tries to lessen the cumulative burden of regulations

Memo encourages agencies to try to see the rules they're imposing in the larger context, not in isolation.

FISMA continues to challenge

Ten years after it first passed, FISMA continues to frustrate agencies trying to comply with its requirements.

Rising Stars

Meet 21 early-career leaders who are doing great things in federal IT.

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