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OMB optimistic on effort to change contracting mentality

Agencies are ready to collaborate on multi-agency contracts, OMB leaders believe.

OFPP may struggle to get agencies under fewer roofs

OFPP guidance may push agencies to curb their own interagency contract proposals or possibly cause them to launch stand-alone contracts without economies of scale, some say.

OFPP trims fat from interagency contracting overlap

OFPP says agencies should stop, look and listen before going ahead with an interagency contract.

OMB head: Federal workers could face more sacrifices

Feds: Think you've suffered enough? Jacob Lew says you could be in for more pain.

Ineligible to telework? Join the club.

Most feds haven't been told they're eligible to telework OPM survey finds.

Outrage over $16 muffins marks heightened scrutiny, experts say

Federal agencies should brace for close auditing of all of their activities as part of the drive to cut government expenses, experts predict.

Status check: 25-point IT plan making a difference

Three federal agency IT leaders offer a snapshot of how the government's 25-point IT management plan is changing their operations.

OMB, GSA to reteach feds' printing behavior

Before agencies warm up their printers, officials also want them to understand the effects of printing.

Is Congress loyal to federal employees?

Budget cuts will test senators' desire to balance feds and contractors appropriately, White House official says.

Administration would raise feds' retirement contributions

The Obama administration wants a 1.2 percent increase in federal employees' retirement contributions.

White House lists new transparency goals

The Obama administration has a national plan for transparency as part of the new Open Government Partnership with 43 other countries.

Change sought to government payments for contractor executive salaries

The formula to calculate executive pay reimbursements could lead to "excessive" amounts, administration says.

The Fed 100

Save the date for 28th annual Federal 100 Awards Gala.

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