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Obama signs Sequestration Transparency Act

A new measure requires the Obama administration to provide to Congress detailed plans for the forced budget cuts that sequestration will bring.

OIRA Administrator Cass Sunstein to step down

Obama's regulatory czar will soon return to Harvard Law School faculty.

OMB gears up for sequestration

The clock is ticking toward sequestration, and OMB is trying to prepare agencies for the shock.

Sequestration hearing unravels into partisan 'food fight'

As a hearing intended to help prepare for the effects of sequestration degenerates into a partisan shouting match, one embarrassed congressman calls the event a 'spectacle.'

Data center consolidation among 70 amendments competing for cybersecurity bill inclusion

As senators prepare to deliberate over the Cybersecurity Act of 2012, a slew of amendments are emerging, including one addressing federal data center consolidation.

OMB predicts economic improvement, warns against sequestration

Economic growth projected to pick up but recovery remains sluggish, according to the administration's Mid-Session Review.

Contract considerations to include treatment of other companies

The Obama administration wants procurement officials to consider how companies treat their business partners as a factor in making contract decisions.

Obama presses Congress on cybersecurity bill

President Obama took to the Wall Street Journal to urge the Senate to pass a cybersecurity bill.

GAO: Agencies need standard guide for measuring consolidation

The government risks overspending and missed deadlines without a clear measuring stick for data center consolidations, audit finds.

OMB crowdsources regulatory reform

Do you have better ideas than the Obama administration on how to streamline regulations? Now is the time to speak up.

Congress demands White House transparency on sequestration

As sequestration draws near, a newly passed House bill and a companion piece under Senate consideration order the Obama administration to provide details on how it plans to implement the $1.2T in forced spending cuts.

Werfel: New laws could set back transparency efforts

Laws that enhance transparency are good, but only to the point that they don't interfere with efforts already underway, argues OMB's Danny Werfel.

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