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Digital center opens, part of Obama's digital strategy

The Obama administration has launched a center intended to help foster a more mobile-friendly, customer-centric government, with a new leader at the helm.

Joe Jordan

How to make acquisition part of the solution

New OFPP Administrator Joe Jordan talks about making the most of the government's buying power and how to provide cutting-edge solutions for agencies while still maintaining oversight.

Agencies told to ensure subcontractors get prompt payments

OMB is asking agencies to report on their progress at speeding up payments.

Prompt payments may become contract selection factor

The Obama administration uses federal contracts to get money to small subcontractors faster.

White House asks for money-saving tips

NASA lending libraries? A digital Federal Register? The Obama administration is asking for more ideas to save a little money for the government.

Obama's accountability board lays out streamlining strategy

The board aims to keep track of the government's money by linking systems together.

More feds telework, but managers still resist

First survey since Telework Act reveals key trends.

Senator questions OMB's efforts to shutter federal websites

Senator, CRS at odds on program's effectiveness.

Did telework keep the government functioning after storms?

The recent thunderstorm that resulted in widespread power outages could serve as a reminder that telework is a valuable option for federal agencies.

VanRoekel: Digital government strategy has 'hit the ground running'

The White House is making progress on realizing its vision of building a technology-savvy, citizen-centric government.

Digital strategy launches great mobility build-out

The government's new digital strategy has ambitious plans for managing the rollout of mobile technology -- some say too ambitious.

Anne Armstrong

The new rules of engagement

Social media has dramatically shifted the accepted views of what defines a journalist and what rules govern the exchanges between journalists and sources.

FCW in Print

In the latest issue: grid security, agile development, BYOD and more!

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