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How to manage agency budgets in real time

Here are three steps for moving from static spreadsheets to truly dynamic tools that support decision-making and mission analysis.

National Labs Bechtel training program

NPPD cyber and infrastructure security personnel are side by side

Infrastructure and cybersecurity personnel are now co-located as part of NPPD’s efforts to coordinate cyber and physical threat information.

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Report: Juniper breach has feds worried

A big breach at computer security firm Juniper Networks has federal officials fearing that foreign spies had access to encrypted communications between the U.S. government and the private sector for the last three years, according to a CNN report.

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Protests resolved, GSA launches agile BPA

GSA has resolved protests around its agile Blanket Purchase agreement, added a vendor and can now begin awarding work.

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A bot named for a 'West Wing' character helps onboard 18F's new hires

18F developed a Slack bot named Dolores Landingham that's helping to ease the transition for new employees.

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Audit finds Navy installations still vulnerable

Navy officials did not properly tap the National Crime Information Center when screening certain contractors, the IG concluded in a November report that was released in full on Dec. 18.

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What's coming from FedRAMP, 18F and USAJobs

GSA's Phaedra Chrousos discussed a wide range of possible revamps at a recent gathering of contract professionals.

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White House sends cyber deterrence policy to Congress

Lawmakers have long asked for such a policy, but the debate is likely only getting started now that they have one.

More collaboration with tech companies needed to counter Islamic State online

The State Department is continuing its efforts to undermine the Islamic State online, now that militants prefer to use private and sometimes encrypted communications rather than public-facing social media.

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DHS cybersecurity office appeals to industry for innovation

DHS looks for industry to help keep up cyber defense programs like Einstein and CDM.

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Defense chief used personal email for official business

The revelation raises questions about the security of information handled by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and revives concerns about email security practices in the Obama administration.

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Congress grants the National Labs a FITARA exemption in omnibus

The $1.1 trillion spending bill includes a FITARA carve-out for the National Labs, some key appropriations for IT improvements and cybersecurity, and lumps of coal for a few problematic programs.

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