President Trump at his 2018 State of the Union Address

Trump: Expand VA's firing authority governmentwide

In his State of the Union, President Trump touted the Department of Veterans Affairs' use of new power to terminate low-performing employees, and wants Congress to expand the measure to cover all agencies.

Shutterstock image (by Maksim Kababou): cloud technology concept.

There's no MOS for cloud

The Department of Defense's road to cloud has been bumpy, exposing weak points in skillsets and education that the services are quickly trying to rectify.

Facial recognition

TSA tests facial recognition at LAX

The travel security agency wants to see if a combined facial recognition and e-Passport screening system can speed up document inspection.

Shutterstock image: medical records.

Will the Coast Guard go commercial on health records?

After spending seven years and almost $60 million on a failed electronic health records system, the Coast Guard is back to using paper. Many lawmakers are urging a commercial solution.

pentagon strava heatmap screengrab

Global fitness tracker data exposes IoT policy gap

Thanks to data from fitness trackers, jogging routes of service members are providing a virtual atlas of sensitive military installations and forward operational bases around the world.

Shutterstock image (by Maksim Kabakou): pixelated shield, protection concept.

DHS secretary: Focus on the systemic cyber risks

Block-and-tackle cybersecurity tactics are no longer effective, Kirstjen Nielsen said, so DHS and its partners must act together to address the evolving threats.

Rob Joyce NSA/WH

White House continues push for access to overseas data

A new legal framework would allow the U.S. government to access data stored abroad by American companies.


Critical Census test to start on schedule, as long as the government doesn't shut down

Despite its unconfirmed budget and the possibility of another shutdown, the Census Bureau is moving ahead with its plans to conduct its critical dress rehearsal on time.

DHS, auto industry group team up on cyber

Homeland Security's cyber information sharing program is expanding to the automobile industry as flaws in vehicle systems continue to surface.

biological research

IARPA ramps up biosecurity investments in 2018 and beyond

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity is working on programs that could replace DNA identity testing, tougher encryption methods, and technology that could sniff out bioweapons.

Federal CIO Suzette Kent

Trump picks federal CIO

Ernst & Young's Suzette Kent is the administration's choice to serve as CIO and lead the Office of E-Government at OMB.

Shutterstock image (by Bruce Rolff): eyes in a binary tunnel.

Security clearance process deemed 'high-risk' by GAO

The Government Accountability Office has added the governmentwide security clearance process to its list of government programs most in need of reform.

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