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Watchdog warns on 18F's finances

Despite having plenty of satisfied customers, the government startup is losing millions of dollars each year.

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Census says tech overhaul is on schedule

Watchdogs are worried the Census Bureau won't be able to successfully juggle 2020 plans and an ambitious tech overhaul.

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U.S. poised to offload control of critical internet function

The U.S. is ready to accept a proposal to transfer control of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, but the plan faces opposition in Congress.

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FBI bullish on enterprise services

"It's a major change internally within the FBI [in] how we buy stuff," FBI Chief Acquisition Officer Paul Courtney said.

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Ransomware epidemic prompting firms to rethink information sharing

The surge in ransomware attacks could have the unintended effect of getting reticent companies to share cyber threat indicators with government.

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U.S.-EU data deal won't end cross-border data uncertainty

A final endorsement from the European Commission is likely this summer, but despite American clarifications, Europeans are likely to keep challenging U.S. data practices.

Can government get digital services to stick?

What top digital leaders say is needed for true transformation.

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Flawed data complicates criminal justice AI

A White House effort is looking to eradicate biases from crime data, to make it more useful in machine-learning applications.

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It's time to trash your legacy system and rewrite from scratch

At least one federal tech chief has become convinced that instead of prolonged, incremental modernization of legacy IT, agencies should just rewrite their entire systems in a modern environment.

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Can federal IT lead the way in secure cloud?

Scale, security and compliance requirements make moving to the cloud challenging for federal CIOs, but the FedRAMP program provides a viable path forward.

TSA Administrator Peter Neffinger testifies on Capitol Hill June 6, 2016

Can new tech speed airport security lines?

The head of the Transportation Security Administration faced tough questions from lawmakers on speeding airport screening lines.

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Carper takes on acquisition in NDAA amendment

A proposed amendment to the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act seeks to make broad but incremental changes to acquisition rules across government.

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