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Administration bows out of classified Hill briefing on OPM hack

A scheduled Capitol Hill briefing on the Office of Personnel Management hack didn't happen because of a dispute over transcription.

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Governance lags tech on info sharing, CIA's Brennan says

The CIA director warns that the rapid technological improvements in spycraft and information collection have outpaced the ability of worldwide intel agencies to cooperate.

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NGA sees urgency in harnessing commercial geoint capabilities

At a Nov. 16 small satellite workshop at NGA headquarters, Director Robert Cardillo said his agency must hitch itself to the explosion in commercial geospatial capabilities.

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Marine Corps CIO seeks to cordon off network

The uniqueness of the Marine Corps network and the threat of adversaries manipulating data require the Corps to segment parts of its network to make it more defensible, CIO Dennis Crall said.

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OPM broke the rules with its breach cleanup contract, says agency watchdog

A forthcoming inspector general report will delve into how the IG says OPM violated procurement regulations with its $20 million post-breach services award to Winvale.

The new retirement calculator, same as the old retirement calculator?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a new tool, but it's basically a facelift for an existing SSA calculator -- and that facelift is kind of the point.

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Why shadow BYOD is your next big problem

Mobile might not be the most serious security risk, but it needs far more attention than it has been getting.

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New Hatch Act rules affect feds on social media, DOT faces cyber audit and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

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Time for agencies to tell OMB about high-value assets

The federal CIO pushed hard deadlines in his Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan. To meet the first, agencies had to grapple with the question: 'What’s a high-value asset?'

What does Tor's allegation against the FBI mean for computer research?

The Web anonymity service's allegation that the FBI paid researchers to unmask Tor users has alarmed some cryptographers and raises questions about the collaborative relationship between law enforcement and security researchers.

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What can civilian agencies learn from DOD's Better Buying Power?

The Pentagon's acquisition reform initiative is in its third iteration. A new report examines how it's working and gleans possible lessons for the rest of government.

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IG knocks State's handling of $3.5B contract

A State Department office charged with overseeing a $3.5 billion contract failed to validate certain performance metrics while the department paid incentive fees to contractors on the project, according to a new report.

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