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FAA drone task force moves ahead

The Federal Aviation Administration has named the government and civilian leaders of a task force in charge of coming up with a plan to register recreational drones by Christmas.

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Bureau of Reclamation sprinting to patch

A trio of awards speaks to the new culture of cybersecurity urgency pervading even smaller, removed-from-D.C. federal outfits.


DHS targets FEMA frausters, DOD finalizes supply chain rule, will ODNI share 702 data?

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

Kathleen Turco

Turco to leave Veterans Health Administration

The chief financial officer will retire at year's end, capping a 32-year federal career.

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America to Census: 'No comment'

As the Census Bureau pushes ahead on incorporating other agencies' administrative records into its database, the American public stays silent.

Defense Department CIO Terry Halvorsen (Photo: Michael Bonfigli)

Pentagon steps up private-sector cyber exchanges

The Defense Department is trying to draw cybersecurity expertise from the private sector while sharing its own lessons learned.

FEC seeks to demystify campaign finance data with betaFEC

The Federal Election Commission launched betaFEC, an interactive website aimed at making campaign finance information easier to understand.

HHS seeks innovative tech for disease surveillance, new bill targets tax delinquent feds and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

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Women, send in your resumes already

Men might barge ahead with an application, but women tend to hold back unless they feel 100 percent qualified for a job. The VA's CTO says her experience shows why that's a terrible approach.

DOD's head of Silicon Valley outreach sees post-Sony opening

Last year's hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment put private industry in a mood to do business with the Pentagon, says the head of the Pentagon's Defense Innovation Unit Experimental.

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Cyber complacency, the Pentagon-COTS conundrum, an SES survey and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

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Federal spectrum reallocation included in budget deal

A proposed two-year budget plan would use projected funds from federal spectrum auctions as a way to offset long-term spending.

The Fed 100

Nominations for the 2016 Federal 100 Awards are now being accepted. 

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