Steve Cooper

9/11 remembered: Building a department on demand

Steve Cooper, the first CIO at DHS, recalls how a surge of patriotism prompted him to lend his talents to the homeland security effort.

Kundra: 'IT cartel' holds back government efficiency

Former Federal CIO Vivek Kundra provoked an outcry with an editorial claiming that major federal contractors are holding back progress in updating federal technology.

VA's IT project management oversight needs work, IG says

The Veterans Affairs Department's Project Management Accountability System needs more work to be fully effective, according to a new report.

Cloud reputation hurt by cybersecurity worries

Former CIO Vivek Kundra promoted cloud technology as a way to save money, but some feds are concerned about its security.

Kundra's successor: Can the next federal CIO deliver?

Vivek Kundra's appointed successor, Steven VanRoekel, faces a tough assignment in carrying out the IT reform plan.

CIOs gain responsibilities but still lose ground

A new OMB memo assumes that CIOs have the power to execute all the authorities granted to them, but GAO and CIOs themselves might beg to differ, writes columnist Alan Balutis.

Alan Balutis

CIO: Really, sincerely dead?

The CIO position in government continues to struggle, and tightening budgets make the situation worse, writes columnist Alan Balutis.

Enterprise e-mail's departmentwide future uncertain

Defense Department CIO Teri Takai won't mandate migration to the Defense Information Systems Agency's enterprise e-mail effort, so the question of whether other branches will move their e-mail programs to the cloud hangs in the air.