Chopra to step down

White House announces the federal CTO is planning a departure.

Alan Balutis

Why career feds are needed now more than ever

The increasingly complicated issues facing agencies are not a good fit for short-term appointees, writes Cisco's Alan Balutis.

Former federal CIO Vivek Kundra joins industry

Former fed Vivek Kundra transitions to industry role after spending six months at Harvard.

Kundra joins

Former federal CIO joins CRM firm.

NASA CIO Linda Cureton combines book launch and philanthropy

Linda Cureton is trying her hand at hosting her own book launch and charitable fundraiser.

Are you a fed? Please stay.

Federal human resources officials weigh in on their worries for the new year.

HUD's Niedermayer retiring

Chris Niedermayer ends 33 years of government service.

Peter Sims

Eureka! The antidote to risk aversion.

Author Peter Sims explains how little bets can help organizations make bold changes.