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DHS to unveil mobile security reference architecture

The agency is looking to address BYOD and mobile security in upcoming framework.

NASA pulls back from open-source community with praise

OpenStack, an initiative launched by NASA and vendor RackSpace, has grown up nicely, official says.

NIST guide aims to explain cloud in plain language

New document details risk management and other security issues related to cloud computing.

The intangible foundation of the digital strategy

One technology empowers the White House's digital strategy.

Cloud vendors: Forget continuous threat monitoring

The government drops a security measure it had planned to require of cloud vendors.

Tight budgets should not stall innovation, VanRoekel says

The public sector may have unique challenges but it could learn a thing or two from the industry.

GAO, OMB chart IT reform progress differently

GAO warns the Obama administration that it risks losing momentum in its IT reforms by declaring work completed too early.

GSA goes big with big data provides data sets and tools.

Shared services poised to reshape the federal market

Industry should brace for impact as the government adopts more shared services, CIO warns.

Tougher sledding ahead for data-center consolidation

Now that they’ve closed many of their smaller data centers, agencies are moving on to bigger operations and challenges.

GSA unveils list of FedRAMP third-party assessment organizations

The certified 3PAOS will evaluate contractors that provide cloud services and products to the federal government.

Adrian Gardner

Sky's the limit for new IT options at NASA's Goddard center

Adrian Gardner, CIO at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, says balancing IT agility with sound and secure practices is a challenge

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