David Rapp

David Rapp

David Rapp is editor in chief of Federal Computer Week and VP of Content for 1105 Government Information Group.

In-house expertise

Veteran journalist John Stein Monroe is taking on a new role at FCW as the social-media evangelist.

The first adopter

If nothing else, Barack Obama might well go down in history as the nation’s first information technology president. That’s the one thing we can say about his still-young administration.

Virtual double take

Our cover story on virtual training applications like Second Life may cause some readers to scratch their heads and say, “Wha…?”

The writing on the wall

The nine most terrifying words in the English language, Ronald Reagan always liked to say, are: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” I think we can now get that down to seven: “[Agency acronym here] would like to be your friend.”

Agencies should not fear being early adopters

The early adopters among us can be a pain in the neck sometimes, if only because what is so obvious to them remains so alien to us.

Editor's desk

I suppose we should now add assisted acquisition services to Willie’s paradigm — in particular, those two centers in the federal government that offer a full line of contract management assistance to overworked and overextended procurement offices.

Guided missile

David Rapp

No one is 100 percent secure

The data breach at the Federal Aviation Administration, recently lauded for its cybersecurity practices, shows that how agencies respond to incidents is as important as their work to prevent them.

Editorial: Advocating for change

As the year draws to a close, FCW looks back at some of the issues its editors tackled in 2008.

Editorial: Time for a fresh start

Few people think the government's General Schedule pay system works well.

Editorial: Census and the Internet

There is a role for the Internet in the census collection process.

Editorial: A full story

The mainstream media buries influential procurement issues under controversy-driven hoopla.

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