Creative destruction at work

Netbook computers can tell you a lot about where information technology is headed in the not-too-distant future. The days of big system, multiyear efforts to design and build new government IT applications are largely behind us.

One hand clapping

As the curtain comes down on the Open Government Initiative's opening night, we figured it was time to hear from the critics. The reviews are decidedly mixed.

U.S. national security in the Digital Age

White House officials should rethink the technology challenges of national security.

E-mail lives, but do we need it?

Web 2.0 tools and cloud computing, which are supplanting e-mail in many cases, will become embedded in the business environment, and employees will expect them to be available.

Web 2.0 can recruit new workforce

The next generation of federal employees will be looking for a government presence in social media, and the government will suffer if it is not there.

It takes a village

As editors of a publication that reaches tens of thousands of executives and professionals in and around government, we know the importance of listening to all points of view, even — or especially — when one of those viewpoints is that we’ve got a story all wrong.

Social media: Threat or revolution?

In this era of social media and online social networks, the old phrase “loose lips sink ships” has become outdated — the new game in town is transparency.

China's cybersecurity fears sound very familiar

I came across a fascinating article while traveling in China that tells us a lot about Chinese perceptions of cybersecurity issues — and something about the human psyche as well.

War games spark better-informed decisions

War games are not just for children and generals. The authors of a new book demonstrate how the concepts can apply to vexing business problems.

Editor's Desk: All in moderation

What do you think? I mean, really. We’d like to know what’s on your mind, writes FCW Editor-in-Chief David Rapp.

Kelman: Hybrid workforces complicate outsourcing reforms

Federal HR practices, more than sound contracting strategy, encourage blended workforce creation.

Inventing Acquisition 2.0

The government needs a paradigm shift in the way it acquires goods and services. Web 2.0 tools and platforms could help form the foundation of a new system.

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