The Net Generation and a new era of governance

"Transforming American Governance: Rebooting the Public Square" describes the challenges and changes that are shaping a new kind of governance.

Jaime Gracia

How to nip those protests in the bud

Better communication and transparency in the procurement process could head off a lot of protests.

John Monroe

Cybersecurity and partisan politics: Let's not go there

Cybersecurity is too important an issue to become a victim of partisan bickering.

Steve Kelman

Why contests are a smart procurement tool

Research shows that groundbreaking ideas are more likely to come from people working on the fringe, writes FCW columnist Steve Kelman.

John Monroe

Hey, Congress, where are your IT champions?

Technology is too important a topic for lawmakers to plead ignorance.

A better approach to biometrics

Reusing proven SOA-based biometric solutions can reduce costs and delivery time, write two Unisys executives.

Alan Balutis

Why career feds are needed now more than ever

The increasingly complicated issues facing agencies are not a good fit for short-term appointees, writes Cisco's Alan Balutis.

Steve Kelman

The best approach to management: Tough love

In a recent study, columnist Steve Kelman found that the best performance comes from a mix of hard and soft management styles.

John Monroe

No need to rush the transition to the cloud

The Defense Authorization bill makes it even more important for federal acquisition officials to learn how to craft sound cloud procurements.

Davidson: The problem with OPM’s USAJobs strategy

OPM’s online jobs system is proving to be more expensive and less efficient than private-sector offerings, writes Adam Davidson, a former Oracle executive.

William Corrington

The hidden complexities of cloud-based e-mail

Agencies should develop service-level agreements that address more than system uptime.

John Monroe

Why can't the government manage its workforce?

The budget battles of 2011 made it clear that the federal government needs to align its workforce with its mission.

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