Cyber threat clearinghouse key to national security

The Defense Department has demonstrated the feasibility and benefits of public/private partnerships on cybersecurity, three experts write.

Alan Balutis

The supercommittee's 'do nothing' path to success

Think the so-called supercommittee failed? Columnist Alan Balutis says you should think again.

Kevin Connor

How common biases can mess with spending decisions

Three biases often make it difficult for leaders to reach a consensus, writes Decision Lens' Kevin Connor.

Adam Cole

How to leverage front-line managers as change agents

Focusing attention on activities that truly drive workforce productivity allows managers to spend more time doing the things that count, writes Adam Cole of the Corporate Executive Board.

Christopher Stacy

How data center consolidation prep work has its own rewards

Inventory management efforts can help agencies save money in numerous ways, writes Christopher Stacy, a senior associate at Pace Harmon.

John Monroe

After the executive order: Will IT devices prove their worth?

President Obama's Nov. 9 executive order has a clear intent: To limit the number of IT devices.

Steve Kelman

A new idea for encouraging vendors to help agencies save money

Steve Kelman proposes that agencies offer extra points to bidders who suggest money-saving ways to change draft solicitations.

John Monroe

Innovation vs. austerity: Who wins?

VanRoekel's innovation strategy might not be enough to counter the effects of the coming budget cuts. But then again, maybe it will.

Alan Balutis

CIOs: Agents of change in a hostile world

When you consider the challenges CIOs face, it's a wonder they last even two years in the job, says columnist Alan Balutis.

Steve Kelman

4 ingredients of successful teams

Teams often succeed or fail because of decisions that are made before they even hold their first meeting.

Chad Storlie

Hiring veterans: Strategies for success

Agencies can benefit by hiring military veterans, and these tips will help them make the most of veterans' skills and talents.

Brian Henderson

Easy money: How to save big money on printing costs

Agencies can reduce their printing budget dramatically by taking some fairly simple steps, writes Lexmark's Brian Henderson.

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