Jaime Gracia

The hidden cost of strained government/industry relations

Despite efforts to foster dialogue, the relationship between government and industry seems to be on a downward spiral, writes consultant Jaime Gracia.

Migration to cloud won't happen without leadership

To make cloud computing work, leaders must address cultural and process biases, write Sterling Phillips, CEO of GTSI and a member of TechAmerica's cloud commission.

David Stephenson

Give the public a role in disaster response

It's time for DHS to tap into social media's proven ability to provide valuable information in a crisis, writes consultant W. David Stephenson.

Steve Kelman

A practical guide to collaboration

A new book makes research into workplace collaboration accessible and useful.

Patrick Chapman

The limits of communication

IT leaders should err on the side of caution when sharing project goals with users.

Bill Dougan

The dollars and sense of rightsizing the federal workforce

Recent proposals to reduce the federal workforce are ambiguous and oversimplified, writes William R. Dougan, president of the National Federation of Federal Employees.

Gary Winkler

Winkler: AKO is so much more than e-mail

Enterprise knowledge management, not enterprise e-mail, is the true value proposition of Army Knowledge Online, writes Gary Winkler, formerly the Army's program executive officer for enterprise information systems.

Alan Balutis

How to unlock the potential of a mobile federal workforce

Fully realizing the benefits of telework will require a significant departure from current practice, writes Cisco's Alan Balutis.

John Kamensky

Want to be successful? Support your frontline managers.

Helping frontline managers get their jobs done is one of the most important activities for a leader, writes John M. Kamensky, a senior fellow at the IBM Center for the Business of Government.

Candi Harrison

Think like a customer, not like a techie

Until we change our frame of reference, we won't improve the quality of the services we provide, writes Candi Harrison, who teaches courses at Web Manager University.

Steve Kelman

How agencies can get the inside scoop on wasteful programs

The federal government should tap into the wisdom of feds to identify activities that are ripe for termination, writes Steve Kelman.

Ray Bjorklund

Want better contracts? Get creative.

Cost-reimbursement and fixed-priced contracts are just two ends of the contracting spectrum, writes Ray Bjorklund, senior vice president and chief knowledge officer at Deltek FedSources.

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