Exploding the data storage myth

People who say we should save everything because data storage is cheap are talking nonsense.

Web 2.0 enables transparency goals

The government can achieve its goal of creating a digital public square by using Web 2.0 tools to reduce the effort needed.

Information fuels social media

Social-networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook and others are just that: tools. Good content or information is still necessary to make those tools successful.

Performance management sticks around

The Obama administration, under the guiding hand of the impressive Chief Performance Officer Jeff Zients, has re-jiggered the Bush administration approach to performance measurement in a positive direction.

Passing the baton

Why, six months into his presidency, has Obama still not named anyone to fill the administrator’s position at the Office of Federal Procurement Policy?

Buying power

Nothing worth doing comes easy. Just ask President Obama.

Past performance returns

After years of benign neglect from the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, it looks like the use of past-performance data in contractor selection might be back on the agenda.

Give yourself a break

Even though you might not think you can take time away from your important job or that you can’t afford to do so, forgoing vacation can make everything worse.

Computing is a service

Federal agencies don't need the headache of maintaining all that hardware and software. E-mail has become standardized and the delivery has been commoditized. The lesson: Get rid of your Exchange servers.

Info science revisited

Welcome to the world of the “Semantic Web.” It’s a generational leap from everything we know so far about how to leverage the power of the Web, though it’s not such a stretch from the old reference-desk paradigm.

More than half of states moving on Real ID

Although the program is controversial, 27 states are likely to meet milestones.

Trust, but verify, Web 2.0 sources

Government agencies face a challenge in evaluating the veracity of information posted from the public on Twitter and Facebook quickly enough to use it.

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