6 core capabilities that acquisition workers need

Any plans to insource must include efforts to rebuild the acquisition workforce, writes Peter Tuttle.

Hurry up and wait

Government is always trying to play catch-up with technology. And's foray into cloud computing is no different.

Where is

A basic tenet of good government is knowing where our 'stuff' is, writes columnist Christopher K. Tucker.

The case for pay for performance

A review of academic research finds tying compensation to metrics can pay off, writes columnist Steve Kelman.

Baseball and acquisition have a lot in common, for better or worse

Intensified oversight undermines support for procurement staff, writes columnist Bill Gormley.

Maximum benefit

The idea that the operations of government should be driven by the same motive as private enterprise is fallacious on the face of it, but that’s not to say that government agencies should not run more efficiently.

The case for award-fee contracts

Award fees lead to better work from contractors — as long as they are clearly defined.

Marines' social-media ban is bad for morale

Rather than telling troops to get off Twitter and Facebook, the military should educate them about security.

The quick, cheap path to innovation

Inexpensive prototypes make it feasible to test new ideas and get user feedback.

Monumental task

The second half of the National Archives and Records Administration's name suggests an even bigger challenge than keeping aging official parchments from rotting away into oblivion.

How contractors can help agencies save money

The contracting community should work together to find creative ways to meet OMB’s goal of reducing contract spending.

National health network needs incentives too

The United States runs the risk of ending up with 50 separate health IT networks — and all the headaches they entail.

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