It’s not about cookies; it’s about service

Web analytics tools can improve online government services without compromising privacy, writes Alex Langshur, president of the Web Analytics Association.

Listen up

Here's our list of reasons for doing our annual Federal List issue.

Top 5 ways to think about Gov 2.0

When considering modern communications, social networking and emerging technology, government has many different connotations, such as process, provider, partner, product and protector.

5 ways to improve procurement

Here are the best ideas that nobody is talking about.

Friend of Barack

Michael Robertson is taking his skills - and his political connections - to GSA, where he was recently installed in three key positions: Associate director of governmentwide policy, chief acquisition officer and White House liaison.

Be a hero, not a victim

A new book encourages employees to respond to adversity with creativity, not self-pity.

A call for action, not studies

Former OFPP Administrator Dee Lee argues that a well-trained workforce is the most important ingredient for acquisition success.

Social-media bans miss the mark

Three reasonable steps could help agencies avoid categorical bans that undermine security and collaboration.

Rising Stars a reminder of an earlier day

Trail Bosses and Rising Stars, though drawing from different generations, have much in common.

Procurement reforms are tough in lean times

Agencies can always hire more people, Congress permitting. But good contracting officers, like fine wines, need time to develop their full potential.

Mobile data poses security risk

Multiple types of removable media and devices hold sensitive government information, and each presents its own security risks.

Exploding the data storage myth

People who say we should save everything because data storage is cheap are talking nonsense.