Can we trust evaluations?

The government could publish internal evaluations of contractor performance, but in many cases, they are not reliable guides.

Drapeau: Public affairs efforts can borrow from nimble jazz music

Coordination of a public affairs effort in government is similar to jazz improvisation — an office has a strategic theme, but tactically, improvisation must also occur. And one lesson from the military is the notion of "commander's intent."

Virtual double take

Our cover story on virtual training applications like Second Life may cause some readers to scratch their heads and say, “Wha…?”

Kelman: Rethinking fixed-price contracting

It makes sense to convert some work to fixed-price contracts, but agencies will need more acquisition staff.

Government needs wide net to recruit talent

Undergraduate and graduate business schools could help the federal government fill its need for contracting professionals.

Web 2.0 tools promote greater public involvement

Citizen-to-citizen networks allow people to use Web 2.0 capabilities to accomplish goals, self-organize and self-police.

The writing on the wall

The nine most terrifying words in the English language, Ronald Reagan always liked to say, are: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” I think we can now get that down to seven: “[Agency acronym here] would like to be your friend.”

Cureton: Time to face your Facebook phobia

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center CIO Linda Cureton provides some straightforward advice to those who are timid about embracing Facebook.

Drapeau: Web 2.0 best practices already surface

Agencies are starting to learn smart ways to use emerging technologies for communicating with citizens and each other.

Government takes Web 2.0 with a Web 1.0 mindset

The buzz suggests that enterprise 2.0 is poised to change how we work and govern. But that is not happening yet. Instead, most experiments with enterprise 2.0 have been limited to the creation of additional communication channels. There is much more the tools could do.

Agencies should not fear being early adopters

The early adopters among us can be a pain in the neck sometimes, if only because what is so obvious to them remains so alien to us.

Forman: Political appointees must be ready to lead

To be effective agents of change, political appointees have to establish risk boundaries and gain confidence fast.

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