Learning from Facebook

Although many Facebook users dislike its new design, the new look makes personal connections deeper.

Government use of Web 2.0 requires caution

Web 2.0 technologies are promising, but agencies have to be careful to mitigate potential problems.

Editor's desk

I suppose we should now add assisted acquisition services to Willie’s paradigm — in particular, those two centers in the federal government that offer a full line of contract management assistance to overworked and overextended procurement offices.

Kelman: Agencies have an opportunity to attract young, energetic employees

Agencies worried about losing seasoned employees to retirement should take advantage of opportunities created by a combination of scarce private-sector jobs and the new president's appeal.

Welles: Agencies will recover too

Federal employees can expect more work and visibility as the economic recovery efforts move ahead.

DOD readers debate value of NSPS

Readers debate the problems and potential of DOD's pay-for-performance system.

Guided missile

Asking the defense industry to give back

The defense industry could contribute to easing the nation's deficit with mild price reductions.

Successful programs require independent management and oversight

Obama's emphasis on accountability should extend to agency/contractor relationships.

Get a Life: Experience matters

Older federal employees might not be about to retire after all, and agencies can draw on their years of service for the future.

Drapeau: The rise of the goverati

People who are members of the goverati aim to apply emerging social technologies to create a more transparent, participatory and collaborative government.

Guerra: Bid protests as a business strategy

Consultant Robert Guerra is outraged that someone is trying to make money by teaching companies how to protest unsuccessful bids, no matter why they lost.

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