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Why disclosure rules didn't prevent the WannaCry attack

The WannaCry ransomware attack that crippled computers across the globe exploited a vulnerability that Microsoft had patched well in advance, but countless users failed to update their systems in time.

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NSA exploit behind global ransomware attack

An exploit based on hacking tools stolen from the National Security Agency is behind a global ransomware attack affecting tens of thousands of computers.

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A $20B argument for passing the MGT Act

How to shift leverage back to government deal-makers and fund IT modernization from within.

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Social Security takes a second crack at two-factor authentication

Almost a year after rolling back a mobile phone-based authentication plan for its public beneficiary services, the Social Security Administration unveils a new approach.

Trump signs cyber order

Federal IT and legacy systems are at the heart of a long-awaited executive order on cybersecurity signed May 11 by President Trump.

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What does the internet of things mean for data breaches?

Regulators say new troves of hackable data created by connected devices make the need for a national data breach standard that much more urgent.

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Will Comey's encryption legacy at FBI go dark?

Politics aside, what does the firing of FBI Director James Comey mean for the future of cybersecurity law enforcement and the debate over commercial encryption?

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McCaskill slams 'turf wars' over cyber

Why some senators and private sector players think big changes are needed in the U.S. approach to cybersecurity.

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How tech, laws and leadership impede digital diplomacy

Digital diplomacy, a priority for the State Department under the Obama administration, appears to be at a crossroads.

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As FedRAMP gains speed, true sharing still lags

New study finds that most authorized cloud services are used by just one or two agencies, but "the scope is widening."

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DHS targets ID spoofing in tech solicitation

A DHS procurement program aimed at onboarding innovative companies is looking for solutions to ID spoofing problems.

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Rogers: 'cyber war' is here to stay

The head of U.S. Cyber Command told senators that the Trump administration is looking to speed up the tempo of cyber operations.

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