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What agency security chiefs want from the federal CISO

Security leaders said the upcoming federal CISO should be willing to collaborate, build on the ideas they've been brewing and give them greater influence in federal circles.

How should the Pentagon confront civil cyber emergencies?

Defense Department has plans for cooperating with civil authorities for myriad security situations, but lacks specific guidance when it comes to cyber incidents according to a government watchdog.

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Next steps in the evolution of software development

Continuous integration/continuous delivery and deployment and DevOps promise to automate and strengthen development methodologies.

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Lawmakers mull full command status for Cyber Command

The move would acknowledge the maturation of the five-year-old command as it supports U.S. operations against Islamic State and other high-level missions.

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DHS sets privacy rules for mobile apps

The guidelines require DHS mobile apps to have a privacy policy that is accessible to users before and after installation of the app.

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DOD wants tools to support cyberstrategy

In June or July, the Defense Department's Rapid Reaction Technology Office plans to host a pitch session with firms capable of providing a suite of sophisticated IT security capabilities.

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Electronic passport required for visa program

DHS has added biometric identification requirements to Visa Waiver Program restrictions.

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Nuclear Security Summit addresses cyberthreats

President Obama used the global stage of the Nuclear Security Summit to discuss cooperation among more than 50 other countries in protecting nuclear facilities from cyberattacks.

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GSA retires legacy accounting IT

GSA decommissioned its old back-office financial system as its tiered IT modernization effort continues and shared services advance.

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Extending the life of legacy IT

When there’s no money to replace aging systems, cloud-based unified communications can offer agencies a critical bridge.

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Why feds need to talk to industry about cyber

In the age of increased risk, agency executives say, feds and industry must communicate to design workable incident response and risk management schemes.


FAA tweaks drone registration

The FAA is making life a little easier for federal and commercial domestic drone operators by opening its new online registration site and doubling the authorized operating altitude.

Who are the Rising Stars?

Nominations for the 2016 Rising Star awards are now being accepted.

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