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Chinese researchers hack car from 12 miles away

Researchers uncovered vulnerabilities in the Tesla Model S as the U.S. issued new rules for driverless car development and safety.

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New rules of the road for self-driving cars

The Obama administration announced new guidelines for autonomous vehicles, taking the technology "from sci-fi fantasy to an emerging reality with the potential to transform the way we live."

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Cyber Command builds critical infrastructure defense skills

Cyber Command is developing the ability to support critical infrastructure protection, said Deputy Commander Lt. Gen. James McLaughlin.

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Treasury 'on track' to hit Data Act milestones

Despite concerns, Treasury Department officials said they are on schedule to publish agency spending data by the May 2017 deadline.

Ozment: Cybersecurity can't be centralized

DHS' Andy Ozment is urging the next administration to build on current cybersecurity efforts rather than "re-litigate" who does what.

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CBP details social media data on visa application

Customs and Border Protection will store social media data on Visa Waiver Program applicants just like other data, but privacy advocates contend the agency hasn't provided enough details on how it will use the information.

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'We need safe spaces to do things differently'

FCC CIO David Bray discusses change agents, government's existential question and the aspirations for this year's Executive Leadership Conference

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker

Commerce secretary urges bold action on cybersecurity

Citing "a chronic shortage both in quantity and quality of cybersecurity personnel," Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker calls on cyber commission to focus on workforce development, IT modernization and shared services.

Workforce tops cyber commission to-do list

The Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity has completed its public hearings and turns to the tough task of agreeing on recommendations.

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Everybody wants digital government, but doubts remain about ROI

A new survey shows that agencies want to be more innovative in the digital space, but struggle to show a clear return on investment.

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There's lots of ambiguity in agencies' embrace of agile

GAO report warns that OMB's unclear guidance on agile development is interfering with agencies' ability to report on the status of such projects.

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GAO says agency CISO roles are too fuzzy and often undermined

A new report urges agencies to better define CISO responsibilities and surveys CISOs on the biggest challenges to their authority.

The Fed 100

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2017 Federal 100 Awards.

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