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VA demo day showcases employee-driven innovation

The Department of Veterans Affairs touted employees' technology-based projects for solving veterans' health care challenges.

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GSA works to speed telecom transition

The General Services Administration is looking to ease the pain of agencies' mandated shift from Networx contracts to the next-generation EIS vehicle.

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DHS talks with states about shoring up cyber in voting systems

DHS chief Jeh Johnson kicks off voting infrastructure cybersecurity awareness campaign.

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Priming the pump for innovation in the next administration

A new report offers a range of suggestions for encouraging and sustaining innovation in government.

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Hacks targeting Democrats put a spotlight on cyber in Congress

Congress is trying to get its house in order when it comes to cybersecurity, after non-public info on lawmakers was leaked.

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U.S. sets date to cede control of key internet function

After a years-long transition, the U.S. will finally transfer control of the IANA function -- the "address book of the internet" -- to a global, multistakeholder organization.

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DHS turns to small businesses to tap blockchain tech

DHS has awarded $100,000 each to four small innovators to explore the use of blockchain for identity management.

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High-profile hacks and the asymmetry of disclosure

Data leaks are impossible to reverse, so the best strategy is to prevent intruders from having prolonged, unfettered access to systems in the first place.

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Taking blockchain beyond bitcoin

Blockchain isn't just for bitcoin, and federal agencies might find other uses for the secure recordkeeping tool.

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Social Security rolls back two-factor mandate

The Social Security Administration is relaxing a recent security directive for beneficiaries, because of potential user inconvenience.

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NNSA looks to map lightning before it strikes

The agency charged with protecting the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile installed new sensors at its weapons components plant to better protect it from the heavens.

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Treasury component to shift employees to cloud email

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency will use Unisys to move to the cloud under a new contract.

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