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Time for agencies to tell OMB about high-value assets

The federal CIO pushed hard deadlines in his Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan. To meet the first, agencies had to grapple with the question: 'What’s a high-value asset?'

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McAfee's holiday guide to next year's hacks

Looking ahead five years, the report predicts that the ongoing explosion of Internet-connected devices will continue to tax an inadequate base of cybersecurity professionals.

What does Tor's allegation against the FBI mean for computer research?

The Web anonymity service's allegation that the FBI paid researchers to unmask Tor users has alarmed some cryptographers and raises questions about the collaborative relationship between law enforcement and security researchers.

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Pentagon purges HTML from .mil emails

The Pentagon is tightening the screws on its campaign to improve email security. Get ready for a return to plain text.

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AT&T on board for Einstein, U.S.-U.K.run joint financial cyber exercise and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

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How DISA is helping to connect FirstNet

The Pentagon's tech support agency has been helping a startup government effort build a nationwide broadband communications network for first responders.

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Wish they all could be...

The administration is right to be building bridges with the tech community. But there's talent to be found outside California.

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Why candidates are missing the point on cyber

Hacking China back is not the solution to American cyber vulnerability, experts warn. Voters need to start demanding that presidential candidates take a deeper look at the issue.

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Can the Pentagon connect with the Internet of Things?

Experts say DOD cannot capitalize on the Internet of Things until a common language for the countless and far-flung devices on defense networks emerges.

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What a big Navy breach taught the Army

The Army had been paying close attention to the Navy's operation to drive Iranian hackers from the unclassified portion of the service's intranet.

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VA's troubled IT is a campaign trail topic

Technology issues don't play a prominent role in the presidential campaign, but some Democratic candidates are exploring one key issue in their Veterans Day messages.

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For the future to work, tech needs to bare all

Open-source systems and open windows onto those systems will be the keys to a future in which citizens trust and engage with Internet-connected devices everywhere.

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