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Smart cities need cash

Establishing high-tech, more efficient infrastructure across America will require upfront investments, and the Transportation Department's model might be the way to get that funding right.

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Navy retools cyber policy

The new policy signed by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus sets up a program for preventing insider threats, among other actions.

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Experts split on the federal cyber sprint

Cybersecurity managers are divided on whether a 30-day cybersecurity "sprint" actually strengthened the government's defenses, according to a new study.

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With ransomware on the rise, Senate botnet bill gets another shot

The bipartisan measure, which failed last year, would create a new criminal offense for selling or providing access to botnets.

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Senator asks Fed about SWIFT heist

Hackers are stealing millions by cracking weak links in SWIFT's interbank money transfer system, and Sen. Tom Carper wants to know what the Fed and others are doing about it.

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Feds will be watching for 2020 census stuffers

The decennial count might stress inclusive approaches, but that doesn't mean no one's checking for fraud.

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OMB teaches privacy pros about tech

The Office of Management and Budget is looking to forge links between privacy and tech experts, to help the two disciplines work together.

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Justice official: Info sharing is the best revenge

Cybersecurity officials from Homeland Security and Justice urged continued collaboration to keep growing cyberattacks at bay.

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Health record advisory groups divided over patient data control

A pair of federal advisory committees approved privacy recommendations amid debate over whether patients or practitioners should control the sharing of health data.

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A mixed legacy on cyber for Obama

A group of former federal officials delivered a mixed verdict: the Obama administration has done well to make cybersecurity relevant to top agency officials -- and not just techies, but should have done more to follow through on key policies.

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VA edges closer to rollout of new health record platform

The Department of Veterans Affairs is set to launch its new, modular, web-based electronic health record viewer this summer.

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NGA follows DOD to Silicon Valley

This summer the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency will open an outpost in Silicon Valley to create a presence for the intelligence agency similar to the Defense Department's DIUx.

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