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Will Hurd

Hurd: Still time for IT upgrade bill

An advocate for IT modernization is returning to the House for the next session, but still hopes to deliver on a key goal in the lame duck.

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Former spy chief says U.S. lacks cyber framework

Former NSA head Michael Hayden says that the U.S. still has not developed a coherent cyber framework and that serious challenges lie ahead for the incoming Trump administration.

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Trump’s IT modernization moment

The need to modernize federal IT transcends politics, one industry exec argues, and we already have the tools to make it happen.

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DIUX and RCO could get lost in transition

Despite DOD assertions that programs like DIUX and the RCO are too mature to be eliminated by the next administration, experts warn that could happen from benign neglect.

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Justice Department issues 'smart gun' specs

After six months of talks with firearms firms, law enforcement and independent experts, DOJ officials unveil baseline requirements that could be applied to agency purchases.

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Cloud adoption slowed by culture, even with FedRAMP

Cloud adoption, some agency execs say, continues to be a slow and frustrating slog.

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What's next for government innovation groups?

Supporters are pressing for continuation of 18F and USDS, amid the uncertainty of tech policy in the coming Trump administration.

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End of administration rush, then quiet in federal IT contracting

A leading trade group forecasts a spike in federal IT contracting activity followed by a lull as the Obama administration transitions to the Trump presidency.

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Connolly: Choppy waters ahead for civilian agency IT

FedRAMP, 18F and the federal workforce as a whole face uncertain futures in the next administration, according to Rep. Gerry Connolly.

Warner: No red or blue cybersecurity teams

One of the Senate's most tech-savvy members sees some common ground on cybersecurity in the post-election environment.

Ron Ross of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

NIST's new take on IoT security

NIST's new guidance on security for the internet of things is not prescriptive like FIPS but instead offers a foundation for engineering security into connected devices.

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Internet giants want Trump to back strong encryption

Forty of the most recognizable internet companies want to make sure their policy priorities -- which include data security, strong encryption and immigration reform -- are considered by the Trump administration from Day One.

The Fed 100

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2017 Federal 100 Awards.

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