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OMB bars new desktop, laptop contracts

The White House is pushing a plan to restrict the buying of office computers to a few key contracts to keep prices down.

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5 books for your reading list

There are important lessons for federal IT managers in recent fiction and nonfiction books alike.

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OPM security chief: You're gonna need a bigger boat

There's a playbook for what to do when a big data breach hits, says an OPM official who learned it all the hard way.

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Commerce seeks to widen acceptance of cyber framework

An FCC official told a telecom audience that though adherence is voluntary, it's in companies' best interest to participate in the framework.

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Webb: Cyber warfare biggest daily threat to U.S.

Although cybersecurity did not figure prominently in the first Democratic debate, long-shot candidate Jim Webb did single out cyber warfare as an acute threat to national security.

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Peace Corps breaks records, moves hiring tech to the cloud

As applications spike, the team behind the agency's volunteer onboarding technology is forging ahead into hybrid cloud and social engagement.

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When a 'short-term' extension is a bridge too far, 3D printing at the Pentagon and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

Ronald W. Pontius, Deputy to the Commanding General for U.S. Army Cyber Command and Second Army

Army experiments with cyber warfare

The Army continues to experiment with equipping its land forces with cyber capabilities, a recognition that future combat operations could increasingly have a cyber dimension.

Protecting government IT systems at the source

Most IT organizations understand the importance of protecting data but have a blind spot regarding the security of the IT systems themselves.

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USPS OIG vet: Analytics can make audits help, not hurt

A wealth of data and analytics tools can help auditors better analyze agency activities -- and encourage officials to act on their recommendations.

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A big merger, a more-private HealthCare.gov and still more Clinton email questions

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

LaVerne Horton Council

Here's what VA's decisive new CIO has planned

LaVerne Council is preparing to reveal a new cybersecurity strategy and an overall direction for IT operations at the Department of Veterans Affairs.