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To hack ISIS, Pentagon learns from 2007 surge in Iraq

There is a precedent to U.S. Cyber Command’s hacking of Islamic State, but it took place nearly 10 years ago, and technologies have rapidly evolved since.

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IRS crowdsources the future look for tax accounts online

After its first-ever crowdsourcing push, the IRS came away with four winning designs to guide its future taxpayer dashboard work.

Facial recognition

CBP tests facial recognition tech at major U.S. airport

Customs and Border Protection takes another step towards a biometric exit system for air travelers.

North Korean hackers steal F-15 design

The alleged cyberattack on South Korean firms is the latest in a series of bold cyber maneuvers linked to North Korea.

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Defense Digital Service looks to overhaul travel system

The Pentagon's digital "SWAT" team has a new mission: overhaul the much-maligned system that Defense Department officials use to book travel.

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Email privacy update stalls in Senate

A move to update a 1986 law covering law enforcement access to email is frozen in the Senate over a security amendment dubbed a "poison pill" by the bill's sponsor.

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Computer buying events look to leverage government scale

OMB is planning deals on laptops and desktops via its strategic sourcing program.

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For feds, the real-life perils of social media

The State Department trains its workers to avoid social media fails that could potentially be fatal.

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Survey: 'Oversight doesn't love innovation'

A recent survey by Grant Thornton and the Professional Services Council reveals reservations about the potential for innovation in the federal acquisition process

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U.S. poised to offload control of critical internet function

The U.S. is ready to accept a proposal to transfer control of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, but the plan faces opposition in Congress.

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Ransomware epidemic prompting firms to rethink information sharing

The surge in ransomware attacks could have the unintended effect of getting reticent companies to share cyber threat indicators with government.

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U.S.-EU data deal won't end cross-border data uncertainty

A final endorsement from the European Commission is likely this summer, but despite American clarifications, Europeans are likely to keep challenging U.S. data practices.