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USSM builds on shared services

GSA's year-old shared services office laying the groundwork for new marketplace ecosystem.

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How HPCs crunch rivers of water data

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has come up with a way to use its supercomputing power to speed the sprawling data analysis associated with extremely complex public works.

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How to construct tomorrow's information management professional

The government lacks the workforce to handle the exponential growth of information and information assets.

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Convincing your team to buy into the cloud

A can-do spirit has enabled the FCC to make a dramatic leap forward in IT modernization. What could this mean for your IT shop?

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Report: DOD must embrace open-source software

In a new report, the Center for a New American Security makes the case that DOD is failing to capitalize on the power of open-source software.

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Officials: Yearly budgeting stifles cybersecurity

Current and former officials argue that a one-year budgeting cycle impedes government cybersecurity and IT modernization.

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NPPD still hopeful on infrastructure protection

After a year, DHS remains optimistic that a proposed reorganization to link cyber and physical security operations will move forward.

18F offers specs on gov-wide login

In a public notice, the innovation group 18F offered a glimpse into the data a planned governmentwide login site would collect.

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Marine cyber chief: Do not fear RMF

Ray Letteer, chief of the Marine Corps' Cybersecurity Division, advocates faster adoption of the government's Risk Management Framework.

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How AI can be a game changer for government

Automating routine citizen services will allow federal employees to focus on more creative and fulfilling tasks.

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Why privilege can be risky

Privileged users, according to a new three-year study sponsored by Forcepoint and performed by the Ponemon Institute, are still a weak point for network security in federal networks.

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Scott ties two legacy IT efforts together

ITMF, Move IT legacy system renewal efforts aren’t mutually exclusive, said federal CIO.