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Cryptography experts critical of Senate encryption bill

Encryption legislation proposed by leaders of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is being met with fierce criticism from experts, and some reports suggest the White House will not back the measure.

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VA plans major cloud procurement for FY16

With a handful of questions to industry, the Department of Veterans Affairs signaled a big move to the cloud as part of its "buy first" initiative.

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The taxman’s tech troubles

The agency spends $2.5 billion annually on IT across more than 20 major systems, yet it still relies on a central data processing setup that went online in the 1960s to keep its revenue-collecting cogs turning.

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Funding bought taxpayers better service

After a previous year of hang-ups and frustration, taxpayers are getting better treatment from the IRS in 2016 as auditors man the customer service phone lines.

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Agencies making uneven progress in adopting HTTPS

Agencies have until the end of the year to switch their public websites to the more secure HTTPS protocol. Some are much further along than others.

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Marine Corps to expedite Windows 10 upgrade

The Marine Corps Systems Command is expediting its timeline to deploy the Windows 10 operating system by January 2017.

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How data can help counter violent extremism

A new public-private collaboration looks to distribute usable data that can help analysts and others understand and unwind conflicts on the ground.

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GAO says mostly good news on cloud contracts

Asked to examine cloud service agreements, GAO found room for improvement but said that overall, agencies are covering their bases.


FAA panel says small drones could operate in populated areas

The final report by an FAA-backed rulemaking committee recommends categorizing drones by size and permitting some to be operated over people not directly involved in the operation of the aircraft.

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Crunch time for Data Act guidance

Senior officials at GAO and OMB agree that clear governance will make or break Data Act reporting, and that guidance will take shape in the next few weeks.

FBI lawyer says encryption has a purpose

After accessing a terrorist's iPhone without Apple's help, the FBI says it will take cues from the American people when it comes to the future of encryption.

Agencies dream of commercial app stores

The future of mobility lies in finding the right ways to update mobile apps securely without impeding their main selling point: speed.