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White House: No new policy for encrypted chat apps

In a terse response to probing questions from Capitol Hill, a White House liaison indicates that there's no new policy when it comes to encrypted messaging platforms.

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Is the U.S. ready for a quantum leap in computing?

While widespread use of quantum computing is likely still years away, experts stress that government should ramp up preparations for a future that could disrupt the underpinnings of conventional encryption.

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China's push to lead in AI

China's new cybersecurity law does more than undergird plans for AI market dominance -- it shows how the government is building out rules for a new age of computing.

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IRS pushes back on data protection criticisms

Officials cite lower rates of fraudulent tax returns as a mark of improving taxpayer security, but external hacks and internal reviews demonstrate the agency still faces challenges.

DHS mandates new security standards for federal networks

The Department of Homeland Security is requiring agencies to use new email and web security protocols.


Meet the Army's cyber protection force

Army Cyber Commander Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone explained the command's challenges and staffing and training plans.

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GAO denies Equifax bid protest

The protest had resulted in a controversial (and now suspended) bridge contract from the IRS for Equifax's identity management and taxpayer fraud protection services.

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IG: Infosec weaknesses at Energy continue

While DOE has gotten better at protecting sensitive information, the agency still shows weaknesses in vulnerability management, business web applications and access controls.

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IRS suspends Equifax contract

After a tough congressional hearing and news of more infosec woes at Equifax, the IRS suspended a $7.2 million contract with the credit monitoring agency.

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Acting on the cyber executive order: 3 keys to compliance

With the proper technologies in place, agencies can do better assessments and begin to truly address their existing gaps.

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Senator wants Kaspersky out of U.S. voting systems

Amid concerns about election system security, Sen. Amy Klochubar is looking for DHS to help boot Kaspersky from state and local voting systems.

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Cyber expert tapped to lead DHS

Kirstjen Nielsen, a former cybersecurity consultant and current deputy chief of staff in the White House, is returning to DHS to lead the agency.