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Beware of unicorns

Agencies want the benefits that new technologies can bring, but need a sharper focus on the mission impact -- and have grown wary of one-off solutions.

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Army looks to tap civilian talent for cyber force

U.S. Army Cyber Command is launching a pilot program to pluck developers, data scientists and engineers from the workforce to face off against U.S. adversaries.

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Why data chiefs need to be everywhere

Agency chief data officers belong where they are needed, and that's not necessarily in the IT shop.

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Government dollars for IoT: Large and unbalanced

Civilian agencies should take a lesson from the Defense Department -- and all of government should look to smaller, emerging tech companies as well as traditional contractors.

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Pentagon boosts emerging tech spend

The Department of Defense spent $7.4 billion in fiscal year 2017 on cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence technologies, according to a recent Govini report.

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SEC cyber squad halts cryptocurrency offering

The new Cyber Unit at the Securities and Exchange Commission stopped an ongoing cryptocurrency offering that has attracted approximately $15 million in investment since launching in August.

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House Intel committee advances spy bill

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence passed a bill to reauthorize the government's spying powers 13-8 on a party-line vote.

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Hill hackathon tackles transparency, efficiency

The Congressional Hackathon included pitches from tech groups to improve citizens' access to government, including the House Clerk's Office's plans to begin redlining and markup history of legislation by Jan. 1.

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Armed services plan for an increasingly mobile future

The Air Force, Marine Corps and Army are looking to bring logistics tracking and wireless learning capabilities to mobile devices for troops.

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Is a coming stock trading audit system ready for prime time?

At a House hearing, lawmakers tussled over cybersecurity concerns and the need to prevent market crashes triggered by automated trading.

Mobile apps demand collides with security concerns

The Defense Department has an aggressive mobile strategy, but can it keep up with demand and security patches?

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Open data tools promote Census awareness

Tech groups from nonprofits, companies, federal agencies and universities from across the country unveiled various digital tools based on federal data.