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Shutterstock image (by Sergey Nivens): Security concept, lock on a digital screen.

NIST looks to reengineer thinking about cyber

NIST is set to release an overhauled systems security engineering document it hopes will spur construction of better cybersecurity systems from the start.

Wikimedia image: Department of Health and Human Services.

House bill would carve out new powers for HHS CISO

Under a new bill proposed by Reps. Billy Long (R-Mo.) and Doris Matsui (D-Calif.), the chief information security officer at the Department of Health and Human Service would assume new authorities, outside the reporting structure of the CIO.

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FBI will not share iPhone vulnerability in San Bernardino case

The decision casts new light on a review process that government officials say is rigorous and weighted toward disclosure but some critics contend is subject to manipulation.

U.S. Capitol Dome - Photo by the Architect of the Capitol

House Republicans tout innovation agenda

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy wants to spur the pace at which government adapts and adopts new technology.

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Public/private relationships crucial for tech progress

As innovative technologies such as cloud and big data accelerate, federal IT managers are looking to the private sector for help.

Is the Transportation Department doing enough about auto cybersecurity?

GAO says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration should determine how it would respond to a cyberattack on a high-tech car if it happened on the road.

Social Media Tree

FEMA tunes into social media for operations

FEMA is adding public-facing social media to the operational data streams used by its watch centers in civil emergencies.

NSA headquarters

NSA official: ICITE could boost metadata capabilities

Regardless of the source of metadata, "you're going to get improvements by merit of how the data is tagged and how the attributes are assigned," NSA Deputy CIO Sally Holcomb said.

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Risky clicks continue to keep too many hackable

In its latest data breach report, Verizon's team lays out the tried-and-true methods hackers are using to own enterprises – and the ways enterprises can fight back.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.)

Senator looks to counter botnets

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) teased plans for legislation against the scourge of botnets at a Georgetown appearance.

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Officials talk candidly about workforce cyber hygiene

Better governance, improved accountability and more training are needed to improve cybersecurity.

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GSA sets summer expectations for EIS, Alliant 2

GSA has given vendors a heads-up on the next steps for its $50 billion EIS telecom contract and the Alliant RFPs.